Back Into Making Pottery!

I graduated from the University of Utah with a BA in English literature and a minor in art, taking lots of pottery classes with Dorothy Berenson. My wife and I made our living for 15 years as full time potters, working with the American Craft Council shows in San Francisco, Dallas and Baltimore. We gave that up in 1988, and spent the years between then and now running our own gift ware and greeting card business. We retired to Hood River and I set up my pottery studio again. I am loving it!
We have a half acre of property here in the Hood River Valley. There is an old cottage on the property that we have converted to a pottery and painting studio. The electric kiln sits on the covered back porch.
I am making completely different pieces now - lots of texture and ceramic stains, inset colored clay dots and dashes, rich dark glazes. I enjoy imagining and making new shapes and forms.

I am using a lot of texture on the new pieces, accented with various pigments and washes. I am starting to use a bit of terra sigillata on some items, and it adds a wonderful soft satin look.

I also wedge Mason stain into my white clay body, and make patterns or images in a "loaf". I slice thin pieces of the colored design and impress into the background color.

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